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Why are we launching this initiative?

The West Yorkshire Combined Authority secured funding from the Home Office to deliver a pilot scheme to introduce a safety feedback tool. The aim of the pilot is to capture information on how safe customers feel when using the bus network and understand any themes. The information received will direct future operations to improve safety further.

What is the Safety Feedback Tool?

The bus safety feedback tool pilot allows you to feedback on how safe you feel on your journey. It is not a request for help if you are in danger, but instead empowers passengers to tell us what on the bus network is making them feel unsafe. "Tell us, to help us understand and take action" - type approach. Users can identify specifically where they feel unsafe and in broad terms, tell us why, when and how frequent.

How do I give feedback on how safe I feel?

You can access the bus safety feedback tool via, the MCard Mobile App and QR codes on posters at bus shelters and stations.

What questions will you ask?

You will be asked how safe you feel on a scale from very safe to very unsafe. You will be asked to tick the option that best reflects how you feel. If you tick that you feel unsafe on the bus network, a drop-down list will be provided with options to indicate why you may feel this way. You will also be asked some questions about personal characteristics. Data captured here will be handled in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 as detailed in our Privacy Notice.

What will you do with the information I provide?

The data collated from the tool will be analysed by the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and Police & Crime Commissioners Office so we can understand:

  • What makes people feel unsafe on the bus network.
  • Any characteristics of people reporting feeling unsafe that we can support.
  • Trojan bus operations will be run by West Yorkshire Police (WYP) as a result of the data, which will be passed through to WYP monthly.
  • Intelligence feed through to WYP and bus operators / Safer Travel team.
  • Problem solving approach where safety issues are identified.

All information submitted via this bus safety feedback tool will be handled and dealt with in line with the Data Protection Act 2018 as detailed in our Privacy Notice.

Who should I contact if I feel in immediate danger or need to report a crime?

If you need support right away, please call 999 now. If you need to report a crime or incident, please use the following Police services:

Report a crime

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